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Does anyone really hot at work? I had fun at the dogging site the other night that I seem to wet constantley thinking about it. Today I was working on a black skirt and knee-high boots, but no underwear determined only by the excitement... I walked all day in the office, in meetings and sat at my table to get more moist and humid as my throbbing clit go.... By midafternoon, I was so hot I had to end like this.... as no one can under my desk where I sit, I started my career look under my skirt pussy... my voayeurs legs to give me access..... I held the phone under his chin and played with the mouse voayeurs to look around my pc to my boss as I was on the phone to a customer.... while three fingers sank deep into my knuckle fingers dripping wet pussy. was getting very red and at one point raised his head and asked if I was okay - I just nodded, and my 'call' is made... all went to lunch voayeurs and then I hung up the voayeurs phone... abolishedmy skirt to my pussy is released into the air and put back in my chair for me to get ready. My eyes were closed and I took my time... Sliding the fingers of my pussy, teasing my clit and my lips to spread really far to the outdoors....... I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh... My eyes snapped open, that my boss smiles voayeurs at me with his tail in his hand..... He had voayeurs been watching me and straw... Acorn previously wet with semen. I was gasping for a fuck That was just above.. leaned over and told him to fuck me now before the rest of the team returned.. It was for me a shot... pumping me hard with his cock, his balls hitting her ass..... both cum in minutes - shoot his cum my ass wet when he hit me hard. I took some tissues to wipe me what happened to me, but I started.... no, no... said.... You can sit down now with my cum dripping all afternoon - I do not dare to clean later. i sfor the rest of the afternoon with his hot cum oozing out of my pussy - made me get up again and go through the office with no real reason, voayeurs knowing it was my leg when I moved. to 17:00 each, full of go, but he was an 'urgent ' work for me to do Ihad left behind. When we were alone, he told me to sit opposite him at his desk and spread my legs...... The Dirty Bastard sperm began to lick my thighs and then sank into my tonge licking pussy semen and juices. I was running again in minutes, leading to another bloody... only this time took my ass to...... We went to the bar later allowed to return without me to clean and so we stood in the crowded bar slid his hand up my skirt and rubbed my ass full of semen, as we drank wine. The night ended back at my apartment, where he licked her ass clean and sucked my cock until spunk in the throat.... mmm..... Now that's what I call overtime;)
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